Sustainable Beekeeping 

A Crystal Ball Into Sustainable Beekeeping

Beekeeping is becoming increasingly famous form of business mainly because of honey production. It may start as daunt, especially for beginners but once you get used to the procedures and, if you follow the proper requirements, then you can start having your own sustainable beekeeping business. You can start producing your own honey for your consumption. If it does well, you can sell your excess honey to neighbors and friends while earning extra income as well.

If you are thinking of bees by making them as a sideline source of income, there are essential points you have to learn before pursuing your decision. There are several factors that you have to consider on how to bee keep and how to raise bees properly. Beekeeping preparations are necessary for you to start your own sustainable beekeeping business.


It is important for a beekeeper to check the legality of beekeeping on their area before starting to keep bees. In some places, there are beekeeping restrictions. However, every beekeeping hobby or business must undergo sensible steps to make sure that your bees will not have bad impacts to other people. In many places, it is necessary that a beekeeper files an application for license. Unfortunately, in other places beekeeping is totally banned.

Ideal Location

In preparation for beekeeping, you should also consider choosing a good location for your hives. Your hives should be placed in a spot facing the sun and hiding from the strong winds. An ideal location must also be accessible to a water source and must be away from too much heat, especially during summer.

Source of Bees

The most important requirement in beekeeping is your precious bees. But the question that usually arises is where can you get bees? In choosing where to obtain your bees, you certainly need to have a starter colony or purchase one from a beekeeping supplier or from another beekeeper.

Beekeeping Tools and Equipment

It is also essential that a beekeeper uses efficient and right supplies for beekeeping. Beekeepers can reduce their chances of being hurt or harmed if they have the proper tools and equipment in managing beehives and extracting honey.

Protection is the most priority of every beekeeper since they always deal with bees. Hence, it is highly recommended for them to wear protective clothing. This includes a hat and veil, beekeeping suit, and gloves. The face must also be protected because it is the most exposed part of the body. The purpose of the beekeeping suit is to prevent a beekeeper from being stung. You can enjoy more the beekeeping if you are aware of your safety.

Most beekeepers use equipment called the smoker which is used to calm the bees in order for you to best handle them. This is a kind of device which emits smoke by using fuels.

One of the main equipment of beekeeping is a beehive. This serves as shelter for your bees. Beehive has several types but the most important to do is to just select one and stick to that type. It will be more convenient for you since you can easily interchange the various parts of your hives.

You can get started sustainable beekeeping and if you do, accomplish all the preparations and requirements that are needed. Make sure that you have the permit, good location, a good bee source, and all the right equipment in managing your beehives. These preparation steps are essential for the success of your beekeeping business.