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We have been specializing in helping homeowners across Miami, Florida to get rid of bee swarms that have created their hives in unwanted places for years. We are fully licensed bee removal Miami company in Florida that offers quality and reliable services at some of the most competitive market rates. Our firm usually guarantees our bee removal services to all of our clients. Our guarantee is usually in place to give you better peace of mind that we will do the job properly on our first try. To clients who contact us through phone for Miami bee removal services, we also offer free and comprehensive estimates. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted bee removal company, your search is over!

Though bees play a key role in keeping the ecology balanced they also provide extra income almost all their products have uses in different industries, it is recommended that you remove them from around your home whenever they start building a home in inconvenient places such as your wall or garden. This because they can pose a lot of danger to you, your kids and pets especially if they are the Africanized Killer Honey Bee species. If you notice that bees have built a home anywhere on your property, ensure that you contact a bee removal expert instead of a bee keeper. Bee removal experts like our team at our bee removal company usually have the requisite training in bee-proofing and bee removal in Miami, Florida. Remember that given the important role that different bee species like Africanized Killer Bees play in maintaining the ecology, it is simply wrong to do a live bee removal as it can lead to death of children or anyone nearby. Ideally, you should entrust the Miami bee removal job to seasoned professionals who are extensively trained, experienced, licensed and fully insured like our team.

Bee removal can be a complicated task which requires a specific set of skills that can only be learned over years. Considering that the behaviour of bees tends to change, it is best to leave any bee removal job to trained experts who can handle any type of situation that arises during the bee removal process. If you need bee removal services in Miami, our bee department that specifically handles bee removals can get the job done properly at an affordable rate.

When hiring a bee removal company, you should be very wary of contractors who charge hidden fees. Bees that have built a hive in your home already present a big enough headache to you. For this reason, we guarantee that we will get the offending bees removed properly without any risk of injury to anyone in the vicinity when you contact us. We can guarantee your safety and that of our workers since we only rely on proven bee removal techniques.

An unwanted bee hive can reduce the quality of life in your life. On engaging us, we promise to get rid of any unwanted hive/swarm and take all the necessary measures to ensure that the bees do not come back. Based on our many years of experience, you can be sure that we will carry out the job at hand quickly and effectively. We also offer wasp removal and wasp nest removal services. Remember that both of these insects can build their homes anywhere that they find a cavity on your property. If your hive is located in an odd or hard to reach location, you do not have stress when our affordable Miami bee removal experts are at hand. We have highly adept at getting rid of hives and swarms from odd locations in Miami homes.


Bee Removal Guarantee

What Does Our Bee Removal Guarantee Cover?

On contacting us, we will offer you a 100 day guarantee for any bee removal that we handle. However, our guarantee is location specific. This means that if we remove bees that have built a hive on a tree in your property, we guarantee that the bees will not come back to that exact location. However, if another bee species builds a home on a different part of the same tree, this will not be covered by the warranty. When it comes to bee removals, the rule is usually that if the bees do not come after 30 days, the chances that they will return are very minimal. We offer a 100 day guarantee -The longest in the bee removal industry – because we are extremely sure of our capabilities when it comes to Miami bee removal.

Want to understand some of the top reasons why the Department of Agriculture in Florida recommend that you get rid of bees in your property as well as the reasons to hire bee removal experts for the job? Contact the University of Florida and Entomology at this link: regarding Bee Removal Miami.

Lastly, we recommend that before hiring a Miami bee removal company, you should ensure that they are accredited and listed here in the list of Authorized Bee Removal Technicians.  Bee Removal in Miami.

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April 15th, 2014 ★★★★★  I saw bees under the shed of my mom’s house and their team arrived on the same day to remove it, and also advised me on how to bee proof it. I was so scared for my daughter who likes to play by the playground nearby. They were quick, and also very informative! Thank you guys again for an excellent job!

– Rebecca S.

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