Bee Hive Removal Service in Miami, Florida

Bee Hive Removal Service

Bee Proofing to Stop Recurring Bee Problems

After removing the bees and hive, it is necessary to keep them from returning to the structure or to reconstruct the hive. We provide professional Bee Hive Removal Service. Bee proofing is an approach which with the use of materials and techniques that are specialized for the avoidance of infestations in side structures. Bee proofing is best applied as a precautionary method before a hive that already exists because closing a beehive in a structure makes a whole new world of added problems for yourself. We warranty each of our bee proofing work.

Bee Hive Removal and Structural Repair

The only efficient way to keep bees from returning is to properly remove the hive and honeycomb. This most often needs partial disassembly of the framework where the hive is situated. The structure will then require repair after the bee removal is completed. We offer a 100 day guarantee! We make sure our customers are well informed regarding removing the hive completely. This is a necessary action because there will be a good chance that the bees will come back. We are very careful not to make unnecessary cuts, or large holes to avoid a costly repair. We also use the latest technology to find hives when other companies can’t.

Bee Hive Removal Service

As you can see here, we only make cuts in the wall that are necessary, and won’t leave a mess. In the video below, you will see that we have already located the bee hive inside the wall. Don’t do this yourself.

Make sure only a trained professional attempts to remove a bee hive or you will get stung!