The Buzz – Texas Farmer Killed After Tractor Disturbs Africanized Bee Hive

The Buzz – Texas Farmer Killed After Tractor Disturbs Africanized Bee Hive in an abandoned drain pipe.

What You Can Learn From The Bee News Pod Cast

Everywhere you turn these days there’s more news about bees. Never before have “bees’ been so popular in the mainstream media. But why is this? What does the decrease in bee population have anything to do with anything?

The simple matter is, bees are dying by the millions, and that will have a huge impact on ecology and food production. In a world that is already struggling to feed its growing population, bees have never been more important.

Bee news pod casts exist to give you the information you need to know about today’s world of bees. By subscribing to such a broadcast, you can look forward to the following information coming through to you.

1. The Current Plight Of Bees

As bees decrease in numbers, we become more aware of what they do for us and why they are so important to our ecosystem. In this portion of the information, you will learn about what the current state of bees is and what you can do to help. Tips such as what flowers to plant, how to support your local beekeepers, and who to call should bees be bothering you (as opposed to killing them,) is a huge draw to these podcasts. Stay informed!

2. General Information About Bees

One way to get people on board with saving and learning more about bees is to make them interesting to begin with. Bees are one of hte most fascinating creatures in the world, from their social hierarchy to how they produce honey. In these podcasts, you’ll learn about bees on a biological level. Not only do you get to learn howto help the insects, but you also get to learn about them as a fascinating species as well. There’s something to interest everyone.

3. The Human Side Of Things

Human interest stories are a big part of what goes on in the bee keeping world. Just beekeepers themselves offer a ton of interesting tidbits. What is it like to be a beekeeper? What goes on during the day? Are you really protected from bee stings, or do they just not bother you anymore?

Some people benefit from knowing more about the human side of things. These pod casts are full of interviews with beekeepers, scientists, and city planners all coming together to not only save the bees but to talk about their fascinating world. They would love to have you join in!

Bee news pod casts exist to give you an insider’s view to what’s going on in the world of bees today. Not only are bees beyond interesting, they are also in great danger in today’s climate. It’s up to all of us to help them out, and joining in on a podcast to get more critical information is a great way to start. So sign up, sit back, relax with your favorite tea and honey, and get ready to enter a world that is buzzing with news and information unlike you’ve never known.